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5+ Webmaster Tips to increase your Alexa Page Rank


They are different views about alexa page rank checker, so many bloggers, had said what they know and what they think, many says alexa page rank checker is irrelevant cause its not as efficient as is sounds, others says its just a tool to check how far a webmaster had gone in terms of regularly updating content.

However Alexa page rank traffic isn’t as useless as it seems and acquiring Alexa page rank is not hard as it seems only if you follow these 5 steps closely.

5+ Webmaster Tips to increase your Alexa Page Rank

1) Install Alexa Toolbar into
your every browser

You can install the Toolbar from here. Browsers like chrome and mozilla fir fox usually sends out user cookies and cache f most visited sites while you have the alexa toolbar installed on your PC, and it thus uses that as its ranking factor.

2) Update Blog Regularly :

Regularly Updating Content is one important rank. Factor alexa uses in ranking related blogs,a Blog updated once in a Week and that updated twice in one hour, can never and would never have the same rank on alexa.

Apparently Alexa doesn’t use traffic source for its rank stats, but uses total traffic acquired giving no relative concern to where the users traffic comes from.

Thus a regularly updated content,which has at least 10-50 unique readers would experience a massive increase in its web traffic, than a blog updated 2twice a week with massive users and readers.

Also,when content are updated it sends out pings to search engine and thus increase your potential ,by taking one step out of the lane of your competitor.

3) Link building

In bound Links is not. Compulsory but important. alexa also
counts referral traffic, getting quality backlinks can get you handy traffic.

However it does not use it as its priority rank factor, site “A” having 5 hundred in bound links could surpass sites “B” having 10,000 in bound links.

Therefore in aspect of links building alexa checks on related Links built in terms of quality not quantity.

4) Link regularly to Alexa

Link to alexa and it would Link to you, its not just enough writing content about alexa, regularly updating your content, but its about, linking to alexa, in terms of Niche, and snippet.

5) Add Alexa widget to your site.

Previous article we wrote How to add an Alexa ranking widget to your Blog, where we stated the relative importance of placing alexa widget on your Blog and how it helps to massively increase your site traffic.

Recall: we said alexa cherish sites that stylishly redirect users to its alexa rank page,which could only be achieved by adding an alexa widget to your Blog, we further gave 5 steps tutorial to successfully add an Alexa widget to your Blog to read article [Click Here]

Your Turn
Mere reading this article and adding it to one of the things you had learn about alexa, with out implementing it, is as useless as you never read it. But implementing it, and practicing it, is a sure guarantee to have a new impact on your blog/ website.

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