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Author: neon

How To Succeed On Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most important developments in online marketing today. With guest blogging, bloggers gain the chance not only to spread the word about their business, but also to provide value to the audience of…

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5 Ways to Automatically Share Your Blog Posts To Social Media

  When you write on your blog and you publish, do you share your posts to social media, and do yo do this manually, or you make use of some WordPress plugins? Sharing you blog posts manually is…

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10 Unnecessary Excuses Successful Bloggers Never Made


  Over some days had mingled with a lot of Bloggers and they had shared there experiences about Blogging, but certainly I notice 10 common mistakes and excuses many Bloggers make as per there unsuccessful state in Blogging….

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3+ Things To Consider Before Writing A Blog Post


Writing a Blog post isn’t an issue, content is never the issue, cause many people could scrub the web, copy and past content from any site or Blog to there’s. Certainly content is the king, but distribution is…

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How To Create A Facebook App ID

In this tutorial I’m going to explain in datains to create a facebook app ID to work with your wordpress site plugin (Facebook Events Add-On) Or any other Facebook related plugin. If you have any facebook plugin and…

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Top 5 Best Free Automated Website Submitter

Web submission directories are best p[lace to place your site links for a better rank and a better indexing on Google search engine and many other web submission directory, and today i shall share the top 5 free…

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5 Bitter Truths About Making Money Online

  The Truth is Rarely Pure & Never Simple. In a usual degree the truth is always exception – Oscar Wilden You must had read over millions of Article and PDF files about making money online, in fact,…

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10 Useful WordPress Plugins

content aware sidebars

  Using WordPress, Plugins have so much to do with making your site and experience great. I’ve put together of 10 useful WordPress plugins. As with any list like this, some plugins may fit your site’s needs and…

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5+ webmaster Tricks to Increase your Google Click through Rate (CTR)

Google CTR Tells about user satisfaction on your blog. CTR simply means Click through Rate, and its the ration of clicks a use make, after viewing your content from search engines. However they are 5,000,000 functioning Blogs in…

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Blogging Tips: Top 5 Facts About SEO

SEO which means search engine optimization, had not been given a comprehensive definition since the term was ever used in todays blogging, most bloggers and seo audit tends to write there views about seo basis, actually , on…

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5+ Webmaster Tips to increase your Alexa Page Rank

  They are different views about alexa page rank checker, so many bloggers, had said what they know and what they think, many says alexa page rank checker is irrelevant cause its not as efficient as is sounds,…

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Hp Announces Chromebook Killer – Shocking Price of $299

  HP HAS UNVEILED the Stream 14 laptop, which was leaked last month as the first Windows-powered “Chromebook killer”. Although it is expected to be one of the first devices to take on Chrome OS, the HP Stream…

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