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How to Make Money with a Blog – Guide

How to Make Money with a Blog - Guide

When is come to making money online blogging remain one of main source of income for many people who choose to earn living online. It can be done either as full time or part-time depend on daily schedule….

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5 Ways to Automatically Share Your Blog Posts To Social Media

  When you write on your blog and you publish, do you share your posts to social media, and do yo do this manually, or you make use of some WordPress plugins? Sharing you blog posts manually is…

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10 Unnecessary Excuses Successful Bloggers Never Made


  Over some days had mingled with a lot of Bloggers and they had shared there experiences about Blogging, but certainly I notice 10 common mistakes and excuses many Bloggers make as per there unsuccessful state in Blogging….

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3+ Things To Consider Before Writing A Blog Post


Writing a Blog post isn’t an issue, content is never the issue, cause many people could scrub the web, copy and past content from any site or Blog to there’s. Certainly content is the king, but distribution is…

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5+ webmaster Tricks to Increase your Google Click through Rate (CTR)

Google CTR Tells about user satisfaction on your blog. CTR simply means Click through Rate, and its the ration of clicks a use make, after viewing your content from search engines. However they are 5,000,000 functioning Blogs in…

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Blogging Tips: Top 5 Facts About SEO

SEO which means search engine optimization, had not been given a comprehensive definition since the term was ever used in todays blogging, most bloggers and seo audit tends to write there views about seo basis, actually , on…

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List of 5 best Free Webhosting Service

Free web hosting and accounts are not bad after all, had once used it on many plugin test ,theme workability confirmation and many more,today I shall share 5+1 free Webhosting service you could use. I Recommend most new…

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25 Ways You Could Drive Traffic To Your Website

Today, the Lack of traffic on a website is one of the most common challenges business owners are bound to have. So many reports state that many have lost significant percentage of their search traffic over the past…

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How to Submit your site to Bing Search

When is come to search engine optimization of a website, definitely we have submit our website to all search engine not just one , we all know Google is one most popular search engine, but will still have…

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Where is hosted, Themes and Plugin

Here is the first question my friends and other co blogger use to ask  me, Hey Sanusi, Where is the blog hosted? Which wordpress themes and plugin did you used for the blog? What hardware and software…

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How to Create Favicon Icon Online For free

Favicon is the tiny image that appears next to your website title in the browser. It may be size of 32×32, 16×16. This help visitor to recognize your website with the tiny image, which is a great way…

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Favicon Generator : 5 Free Online Tools to Create Favicon

Introducing : Favicon One of the Best way for Branding Blog or Website When is come to blog or website branding then you need to have  Favicon on your site which express message to your visitors.  So that…

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