How To Convert Java Applications To Android Applications

With the level of modernization Android Smartphones run one of the best operating system. One of the problem that this operating system faces is a low number of application developers. The file extension for smartphones is .APK which is different from Nokia and other devices which at a very high rate run apps using .JAR format.

Have you made use of a Nokia phone before, and sometimes you wish or imagined you could run some java applications which you enjoyed on your Nokia phone on your Android device. If yes, there is a solution. You can now convert Java application midlets into Android APK format and run them smoothly on your Android device ie you can convert apps from .jar to .apk.

How Can I Convert .Jar Applications to Android .Apk

Below are simple steps to take to convert your apps successfully

1. You have to Download the .Jar Apps to your PC.

2. Now, Visit Here , You will see lot of Upload Form.

3. In the Option Two Form, Use the Upload Jar to Browse your .jar File on your PC, Leave every other thing as it is.

4. Then Click on the Get Apk Button below the Forms, You Apps should be Proccessed and Available with the .APK Format.

5. Download and Transfer to your Andriod Devices and Start Using.

Have fun and convert all those wonderful java applications into apk for your Android Smartphones.

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