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How To Add New User Role In WordPress Blog

Are you planning to add New Users/Author to your blog? Don’t worry, with wordpress all thing are possible. WordPress allow you to create multiple new users with it built in user management system which allows you create different users with various roles without affecting each other.

wordpress user roles

Am going to show how to add new user in this article. Let get started

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Creating New User on Your WordPress blog from dashboard

To create new user Click User > Add New

new user

You need to provide (required) field such as Username, Email, password and enter the remain details as stated there.

You may also check Send Password to receive registration details

The last option is user roles the is now depend on the role you want to assign the new user, subscriber is the list option which has limitation which is can asset the website, there other powerful role option like administrator

And finally after all the setting you can click on Add New User.

Understanding Important of User Roles in WordPress

WordPress come with default user roles, below are

  • Administrator

Administrator – the roles is very powerful. An administrator role can perform the entire task on your wordpress blog which include change of themes, plugin and all setting in the site. So this is not recommended for you to assign role to new user is only when you trust him/she very well. If not you blame yourself.

Editor – this role allow user to add posts, and edit only their own posts but cannot publish post. In this case they cannot have to any setting in your wordpress site.

Contributor – is a complete role giving to new user to add post, publish post, delete is own posts and other posts. But still he/she cannot have access to your site setting such as changing of themes, tools, plugin and others

Author – this allow user to add, post edit their posts and publish their post

Subscriber – this role only allow user to login comment or download some materials needed on the site

How to Manage New User in WordPress

It only  Administrator can have access  To manage all wordpress site user , simple click User > All User . below it was you see

new user manage

At this point you can remove, delete or change the user roles in your site. that is why i said administrator role is very powerful so beware of who will be in administrator in your blog

We hope you have learn something this article,

Please feel free to Comment if any problem adding new user/ author via comment box .

Thanks see in my net tutorials

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