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How to Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress

Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress

WordPress remain one of the best CMS I love so much because of great feature that allows you to schedule your post. This may very useful to you. in case you don’t know how to schedule post in WordPress. Am going to Show  you in this article, how to schedule your blogs posts in WordPress.

How does Schedule Posts in WordPress Work?

Schedule Blog Posts In WordPress simply mean a feature that allow you to schedule your blog post ahead of yourself by finishing up articles in advance so that it can automatically publish itself to your blog. Which mean you can prepare for busy schedule of the week and get your blog updates.

Step to Schedule a Post in WordPress?

As soon as you are done writing the post, follow the step  below

How to Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress

In step click on edit  which take you  > step 2 where you are going to set time and date >  step 3 final step  schedule your blog post .

Yes are Done !!!

Thanks .

Feel free  to comment via box if any  problem on How to Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress


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