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How To Succeed On Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most important developments in online marketing today. With guest blogging, bloggers gain the chance not only to spread the word about their business, but also to provide value to the audience of other bloggers’

It may seem that only the elite and veteran bloggers are given this golden opportunity. But don’t let that notion discourage you, because there are ways for even novice bloggers and online marketers to land a guest blogging gig.

If you are looking for a chance to do guest posting, here are few tips to help you increase the odds of your getting accepted to appear as a guest writer in other people’s blogs.

    1. Choose the right blog for your intended topic and audience
      Strategy is key to getting accepted by the most appropriate blogs for your field of expertise.The goal is to find the blog that is most closely related to your own in subject, but has a good pagerank, solid authority, and a respectable number of followers or readers. Go over the blog’s posts to determine its voice; in other words, how the blog owners like the posts that appear on their blog to be written.It’s also helpful to go through each post’s comments to get the feel for the readers’ sentiments.
    2. Write fresh and creative posts
      Now that you’ve targeted the best location(s) for your guest blogging activities, it’s time to focus on how to attract your target audience. The only sure way to do that is to compose a unique and interesting post.
      Your existing posts, whether on your own blog or other people’s, may not be sufficient to land a guest post opportunity if those are the samples you show potential host bloggers.What really counts is how effectively you can wow your target audience with the post that you propose to publish on another person’s blog. The more unique, timely, and interesting your post, the greater chance you’ll have of getting accepted.To determine the relative uniqueness of the topic you propose to write about, go through the blog’s previous posts to find out how much the subject has already been covered. If it hasn’t been covered at all, your chances of getting your post accepted are that much better.
    3. Quality as top priority
      Nothing grabs people’s attention like a post that is coherent and original. Guest posting is a golden opportunity that, if done right, could land you more lucrative opportunities as you establish yourself as an expert.Be sure not to submit content until you have thoroughly edited it. Don’t pass the burden of correcting errors in spelling and grammar to the owner of the blog. Run your draft by a friend or colleague whose judgment you trust. Put in the required amount of effort to make your post as spotless as it can be — chock full of high quality and interesting information.
    4. Provide accurate information to bloggers
      Prior to approaching bloggers whose site you would like to write for as a guest, prepare your own blog’s stats. This will establish your “street cred,” your legitimacy, for their benefit, if they’re not familiar
      with your work.But when you do present information about your own blog, be sure you provide accurate information. Honesty will go a long way. Provide accurate stats on traffic, social media followers, and engagement, as well as conversion rate (if applicable).
    5. Promotion
      After doing your research, writing the post, and preparing your blog’s statistics and other pertinent information, it’s time to go for the kill: promoting your post to other bloggers. Send email to them and let them know your intentions.However, don’t send a message about what you want. Send a message about how you can offer value to their blog and to their audience. If you’ve gotten accepted, it’s also your duty to help the blog owner promote his or her site. Be sure to direct traffic to your guest post.
    6. Conclusion

Asking to do a guest posting and getting turned down can be a frustrating experience, but getting accepted is such a blast that you will forget your previous failures. Just keep on practicing the tricks of the trade and asking for an opening, and sooner or later you will find success in guest blogging.

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