Join & Get Latest Updated Giving up to 70% Discount for TGIP – Thank God Its Payday’ Giving up to 70% Discount for TGIP

It’s fast approaching…your favorite day of the month. You have been looking forward to this since you got that last paycheck. And no, we are not talking about the weekly TGIF – It’s the more special TGIP or ‘Thank God Its Payday’!!! And this month isn’t any different, the fervor and excitement has really built up!


The big question now – How can you eat your cake and still have it? How can you meet all your needs, on your budget and still have enough to last till the next payday?

Let be your TGIPayday partner in getting up to 70% discounts off the regular retail prices of the high quality products you need. With Konga’s TGIPayday, you’ll be able to get your personal and household essentials including Male and Female fashion pieces, phones, tablets, laptops and electronics with fast nationwide delivery.

Konga’s TGIPayday kicks off on Wednesday the 25th of February – 4th of March. TGIPayday will continue while stocks last, so hurry and click here to get your own share of the sales.

Remember, shopping on Konga saves you from the stress of visiting different stores; you can get virtually all you need on Konga’s massive online marketplace – with over 200,000 items listed on the site and over 12,000 sellers registered on

Take advantage of the TGIPayday to shop on this month. Sign up to newsletters to get daily updates on deals and discounts on

Start shopping now in konga’s Thank God It’s Payday Store!

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