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List of 5 best Free Webhosting Service

Free web hosting and accounts are not bad after all, had once used it on many plugin test ,theme workability confirmation and many more,today I shall share 5+1 free Webhosting service you could use.

I Recommend most new biew to use a Free web host service, in other to practice more, and gain more incite, before using a paid host, or instead of touching your paid host and the files on it.

However Free web hosting service isn’t as good as it seems, recal I said I use it only for minimum funtions such as ,checking workability of my newly created plugins and website Templates it is not a very good ideal to use it as a Main host service to run a long term Blog or website.

5 + 1 best Free Webhosting Service

1. Nazuka

This is one of the free web hosting company I greatly recommend and had been using it since 3 years ago, with no bugs or internal problem.
It offer unlimited bandwidth and web space.

2. XtreemHost

Offers Free band width and Unlimited Webspace, allows host Transfer and paid domain name integration, with easy to use user interface

3. Host-Ed

Host-ed offers 30GB web space, unlimited bandwidth size and also poses some features like softaculous.


50webs also free and unlimited web bandwidth and web disk space, with auto installer and many other features, such as unlimited mySQL data base creation.

5. 100WebSpace

Like it name implies it offers 100MB web disk space and bandwidth, with auto installer and many others features.

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