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MyThemeShop Review : Best WordPress Themes And Plugins

For most businesses or blogs, the first contact that clients or readers have with the entities is their website. You can imagine the disappointment users, and customers face when they try and access a website, only to find cheap, unattractive sites that just put them off. There is a hundred percent chance that they would probably never visit the site again, even though they were interested in the content.

If you, do not want this to happen to you, it is paramount that you have a functional website that people will enjoy browsing through and come back for more. One of the ways that your site can be made interesting is to pick eye-catching themes that will attract clients.

Mythemesshop comes in to help you get the best themes on the market today for that classic and professional look. To find out more about what it has to offer, here is an unbiased mythemeshop review.

What is MyThemeShop?

Launched in April 2011, the central prowess of MyThemeShop is to create amazing WordPress themes as well as plugins which can be used by sites powered by WordPress. As at November 2016, 23 plugins and 104 themes both premium and free had already been on the market. Users can opt to purchase individual themes or get the total package. Run by a specialised team of dedicated developers, website designers, and programmers, it will probably continue to roll out more brilliant products as the years go by.
MyThemeShop Review


Most Popular MyThemeShop Themes

To feel the taste of this seo wordpress themses , we need to  take moment to  look at the few  best  themes base on their popolarity

  1. Steady Income (Personal WordPress Blog Theme)

    SteadyIncome is the ultimate WordPress theme for online marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. It’s packed with features such as a powerful subscription tool, ad optimization, featured products section, and a beautiful responsive design that will all boost your online earnings.

Price: $47 | Full Details

2. Socially Viral : (Viral WordPress Blog Theme /Magazine )

SociallyViral is a beautifully designed WordPress theme that is built to be engaging, fast, and most importantly, boost viral traffic. With features to help increase social sharing, you’ll get more traffic from the web’s top social media websites and also boost your search engine rankings.

Price: $47 | Full Details

3. Schema (SEO WordPress Theme)

Schema is the fastest loading, ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme. Featuring all the best MyThemeShop features, including our custom options panel, all our shortcodes and widgets, and a pixel perfect design, Schema also includes rich snippets in order to help search engines your site and rank you higher.

Price: $47 | Full Details


4. OnePage(Portfolio and Single Page Business Theme)

Onepage is a must-have single page WordPress theme. Featuring a creative Drag and Drop homepage layout and unique blog layouts, OnePage has a responsive design with clean, handcrafted code that loads fast and is optimized for SEO. Fully customizable, it includes powerful theme options and features to help your site.

Price: $47 | Full Details

Popular MyThemeShop Plugin

WP Tab Widget Pro |Price $29 |Full Details 

WP Notification Bars |Price $29  |Full Details

WP Time To Read |Price $29 | Full Details

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What does MyThemeShop have to offer?

This mythemeshop review would not be complete without discussing some of the top features that the theme shop has to offer. Some of these include:

Easy to use and responsive designs

MyThemeShop offers an authoritative but simple to use options panels that allow you to customise your site in the manner that you prefer. It will not take a century to come up with your ideal website as complexity if not an issue. Themes offered are 100% fluid receptive. It implies that your website will look remarkable even on tablets and mobile devices meaning that it also helps to boost user experience across different devices on the market. If you are not sure about how anything works, there is no need to worry as the shop offers narrated video tutorials to give you hands-on experience on how everything works. It does not easier than that!

Products are developed for faster loading speeds

You will learn from reading this mythemeshop review that MyThemeShop offers nothing but themes with startling loading rates. Primary reasons they are very fast:

  •  Inbuilt typography features- the feature avails endless ideas to design and customise your site in the way you like. These works without the need of any external plugin.
  •  External plugins are not used – all plugins are merged into an overall system which means that website owners will not have to deal with Author Box plugin, social media sharing plugins, fixed navigation bar plugins, and floating social media buttons.
  •  If you want to use Google Adsense to make money from the site, there is no need for a plugin as it is already inbuilt.
  • Theme coding is clean and Google friendly

 Incredible AD Management that is built-in

The developers of MyThemeShop as you will learn from going through this mythemeshop review are well versed on where ads should be placed thanks to their extensive experience in the industry. To achieve the highest possible earnings and impressive CTR, you get a built-in option that assists in the management of ads. There is no need of relying on 3rd party plugins to take care of your ads.

Themes come with shortcodes

Beginner friendly shortcodes options are just what you need if you would like to exhibit large call-to-action buttons in your content and you have no idea what it takes to code. Improved shortcodes offered by the site will help you customise all the areas of your article or site from contract forms to elegant buttons.

 Unlimited colour and background options

This mythemeshop review also reveals that you are at liberty of choosing any colour and background options that you would like your site to have. The options panel allows you to tailor your colour options that blend in well with your brand colours or logo to present a unique colour combination. The same applies to the background where it is even possible to upload a personal background image to give it a personal touch.

Improves Google Rankings

Themes offered by MyThemeShop as shown by this mythemeshop review help your site to rank higher. It is simply because of the different internal linking and readability that ensures your site stands out.

 Round the clock premium support

If you have any query or concern, there is no need to panic as MyThemeShop offers support round the clock where you can talk to the professional team anytime you want, and your problem will be solved as fast as possible.

Pros of using Themes from MyThemeShop

At a glance, this mythemeshop review will also help you know other benefits you can enjoy with the themes from this shop such as:

  • Clean codes compressed to the bare minimum so that the themes load fast and they remain readable in case you want to make any changes.
  • Themes and plugins that are SEO friendly and optimised so that they can perform at their best all the time.
  • Developer and user-friendly themes.
  •  Translation ready themes that reduce bounce rate and increase traffic.
  • Themes come with subscription benefits that grab the email ID of the visitors so that they keep coming back to the site.


  •  Although there is not too much to say when it comes to the negatives of the theme shop as explained by this mythemeshop review, some of the issues to point out include; Some clients complain that price of the premium plugins should remain constant and not fluctuate like it is the current case.
  •  After purchasing a theme, you may have to download the demo ZIP which presents double work, but at the same time helps especially if you are new to all this.
  •  Although it is a good thing that there are numerous options available when customising your site, it may be quite difficult to pick the perfect match.

As this mythemeshop review concludes, it would be safe to say that MyThemeShop is the place to go if you would like an expert looking website that will carry out its function the way it is supposed to without any complications.

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