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Ranking Widget: How to add Alexa ranking Widget to your Blog

Alexa page Rank Checker is one Motivational tool a Blogger could use in checking how far he had gone in his blog carrier.

They are many Alexa Ranking Factors, some of which includes the stylus redirection of users to your alexa web page.

Give me 3 minutes of your time let me explain how Alexa ranking works

Alexa Ranking works by collecting cookies from user behavior, and focus on a particular section of your site, redirecting users t your alexa page rank to see your rank ffr them selves isn’t a small task- little wonder they made it some of there ranking Factors.

Redirecting users from your Blog to Alexa’s would bring about a drastic increase on your Blog rank.

Redirecting users to your Alexa page can only be archived by an Alexa widget, which is a pure HTML code and can be placed any where on a website or Blog.

Here are some Alexa Ranking Factors.

-Total Alexa Linking
-Links to your Blog
-redirection to alexa rank page.

How to add Alexa ranking Widget to your Blog

Step 1:
Go to Alexa and click on “Site Tools” in the upper left hand corner and then click on “Alexa Site Widgets” on the following page.

Step 2:
Enter the domain name of the website for which you’d like to display traffic data for on the widget. Once you’ve entered your domain name click the button labeled “Build Widget” and your HTML widget code will be displayed.

Step 3:
Copy the HTML widget code to your clipboard by selecting it all, right clicking with your mouse, and then choosing copy from the right click menu.

Step 4:
Place the HTML code any where on your website, usually the HTML code when implemented looks like an image.

Step 5:
Reload Blog to see the magic

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