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Apple Watch Series 2 Smartwatch Review 2019



It is a known and agreed fact that Apple products are made for class and glamor. The users of Apple products definitely enjoy the uniqueness that’s made only for Apple by Apple. The best thing about Apple is that they make unique gadgets that are always a step ahead of the rest.

You could be familiar with other smartwatches that feature Bluetooth capabilities, ability to receive and make calls and even photo and video capturing capabilities. Well, that’s impressive. However, according to Apple, that’s obvious and to them, the obvious isn’t enough as is evident with this Apple watch series 2 smartwatch review.

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Features of the Apple watch series 2 smartwatch

  • Aluminum chassis with ION-X Glass.
  • Apple S2 Dual-core.
  • Altimeter and compass.
  • Activity tracker and heart monitor.
  • Light sensor, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope.
  • Microphone, speaker, Bluetooth, and 1.3 272 x 340 display.

Description of features

As previously said, Apple products are made for glamor and the Apple series smartwatch is no different. To say the least, this smartwatch is designed with an aluminum chassis and the ION-X glass. This consolidates its strength, makes it beat wear and tear and gives it that necessary classy look.

Imagine the possibilities you could achieve with a smartwatch with a Dual-core processor. This processor powers the Apple series 2 smartwatch effectively and makes it deliver past your expectations. As a result, you get fast responses as well as a perfect multitasking experience.

If you thought that altimeters were fitted only in aircraft and ships, then think again. Apple goes beyond the obvious by making a smartwatch with an altimeter. Besides having an altimeter, the Apple watch series 2 smartwatch includes a compass. Think of the unlimited adventures you could have with a smartwatch that goes beyond anything you thought a smartwatch could have. If your job entails traveling, field work, photography or anything related, then this smart makes a perfect companion.

Beyond anything else, your health is paramount. Specifically, your heart comes first for it is the pump that constantly supplies your body with everything necessary from nutrients to oxygen for you to live. For the good of your health, the Apple smartwatch goes beyond its other capabilities to take care of your cardiovascular health. This smartwatch is designed with activity and heart monitoring capabilities that keep you informed on the health status of your heart.

As if that’s not enough, this Apple smartwatch is further made with inbuilt sensors that include the light sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope. Briefly, a light sensor is meant to sense the extent of available light, an accelerometer senses motion as well as velocity and keeps track of the orientation and movement of an electronic device. A gyroscope, on the other hand, measures the angular deviation of the device. With such sensors, you can be sure that this smartwatch will serve you best for with it, nothing goes unnoticed.

To facilitate communication, the Apple watch series 2 smartwatch is designed with an inbuilt microphone and speaker for you to receive and make calls. For the purposes of paring and linkage, this watch is Bluetooth enabled. Its, 1.3 272 x 340 display facilitates clarity and enables you to operate it with ease.

If what you seek is a device that’s beyond the obvious, then the Apple watch series 2 smartwatch is what you need. This smartwatch meets all your needs ranging from your daily involvements, health, and outdoor involvements, for a smarter and impressive lifestyle that expels glamor and class.

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