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Garmin Vívoactive 3 Review 2019

Garmin Vívoactive 3 Review

The technology is turning our world into a very small village. There are some gadget that you need to own and feel the beauty of living in this generation. There are so many watches that you can buy but when it comes to purchasing something useful for your life, then you should consider looking for Garmin Vívoactive 3 smartwatch. If you really didn’t know much about it, then let’s have a Garmin Vívoactive 3 review.

Features of Garmin Vívoactive 3

  • Garmin Pay

There is a difference between owning a watch and owning a smartwatch. Garmin Vívoactive 3 is designed to help you in those embarrassing situations when you walk to the shop and you discover you left your wallet in the office or at home. With one tap on your card, you will be able to make your payment using this watch. So you don’t always have to be embarrassed in the public.

  • GPS and sports apps

In most cases, we like participating in outdoor activities to physically enhance our body. The advantage of owning this watch is that it’s designed with an inbuilt GPS that help to located very location you go to. Apart from this, it comes with more than 15 apps that have been preloaded these apps can help you anytime you want to conduct your outdoor activity and you do not know where to start. Just click the app and find what is good for you. You can also train using these apps to ensure you perfect your skills.

  • Battery life

What most of us get worried about is when you think you have a watch and then you discover the battery is off and it’s functionless? You do not have to be worried for this watch brings to you the best experience you have always wished for. When you set the watch in a smart mode, the battery can stay up to 7 days. When it’s on GPS mode, it will last for 13 hours.

  • Personalized Watch

You always have a voice when it comes to this watch. You can always personalize it to meet all the expectations you have always desired. With the ability to access Connect IQ store, you will have the opportunity to download every app that you consider useful for you and install them on your watch. This can allow you to set the screen to appear as it will please you rather than maintaining the default screen appearance.

  • Connect to Your Devices

This watch allows you to connect to all your friends whenever you are away from your phone. What you need to do is to connect your device with this watch and wait for notifications (text, emails, and other social media updates) from your phone. This is how you get connected and nothing pass you while you are on your training.

  • Monitor your Health

If you wish to monitor your stress level and heart rate, then Garmin Vívoactive 3 is the best watch you need to own. Take advantage of the fitness-made estimates and VO2 max feature of this watch to detect what has been causing an increase in your stress level.


  • Information given by GPS is very accurate
  • Can connect to Android and iPhone to make your communication easier
  • It’s very comfortable as the weight and size is manageable
  • The watch is made of toughened-glass face and sturdy-stainless steel accents for durability


  • It’s very expensive
  • It has a low rating of 3.9 on Amazon

You should also note that it’s the best watch in the market according to Garmin Vívoactive 3 review and you will not waste your money on it. It will serve you more than you could ever imagine.

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